Kitchen (Grease) Blockage

“Short clip of the moment a grease build up was cleared by our team” ..

Sullys -grease build up =busted
Grease Blokage (kitchen)

… Hi everyone this is the long term effects of grease build up Blockage the client tried a few tricks, the plunger , draino fluid and the like with little success. we were able to pinpoint the issue effectively and target drain clean and clear the Blokage using our flexi drill tool and all around plumbing know how got the sinks draining perfectly again .

for Blokage specialists we are you’re Professional / Affordable / Solution ….

One thought on “Kitchen (Grease) Blockage

  1. Gross man! Have you got any tips for preventing the blockage happening in the first place? For instance, does pouring boiling water down the drain help to keep the drain clear, or, is it best just to avoid pouring any oil, fat and grease down the drain in the first place?

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